Levels 1 to 4

           IMI certificated courses

  • Training provided on-site or regional local facilities to suit
  • Covering all types of electric & hybrid vehicles for all abilities
  • Specific training for maintenance, diagnostic testing, servicing, repair & emergencies
  • Automotive industry & service professionals across all sectors
  • Flexible candidate numbers (minimum 2 to maximum 12)


Our Services

           Safety audits & training

                           Hazards & Procedures 

  • Highlighting associated risks with high voltage electrical & battery systems - how to identify, recognise & follow safety critical procedures
  • Differentiate risks between traditional fuel operated to electric & hybrid vehicles
  • Critical emergency response training
  • Safety auditing & procedural process action planning

                                                                                                                               Training Courses

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Our highly qualified team provide the full spectrum of certified IMI motor industry leading courses, which demonstrate the skills & competency needed to provide the unrivalled foundations of a successful career within the sector. Each level of qualification granting the core functional & essential skills necessary in order to deliver recognised quality assured programmes.

Level 1 

Light vehicle maintenance award electric/hybrid awareness

                                                                                  Ideal for learners aged 16+ who enjoy a practical environment & are interested in light vehicle maintenance, wishing to broaden their experience.


There are no formal entry requirements for this level qualification, however, selection criteria for entry should take into consideration each applicants existing academic, vocational & experience, as well as their interest within this industry sector.


Level 2

Automotive Maintenance award light, heavy, motorcycles & ATV's

                                                                                   This qualification is for candidates who are looking to progress their careers within the automotive sector enabling them to expand their knowledge further.


This course is designed to be practical, engaging & motivating to support technicians by providing the opportunity for both theory & practical aspects across inspection, fitting & maintenance procedures in electric/hybrid vehicles.

Level 3

Electric/hybrid vehicle system repair & replacement

                                                                                    The content of this qualification is designed to give technicians the knowledge & skill set required to work safely on electric/hybrid vehicles whilst carrying out diagnostic, testing & repair activities, including vehicles that have or had damage to their high voltage energy/electrical system.


Technicians taking this course need to possess the appropriate vehicle maintenance & repair knowledge & skill.

Level 4

Advanced automotive studies   for master technicians 

                                                                                           The purpose & aim of this IMI certificate is to offer experienced individuals/engineers with advanced specialist technical understanding & knowledge alongside the development of wider transferable skills required by the sector.


Commercial, lift truck, heavy & light vehicle maintenance, diagnostic fault finding & repair. Designed for personnel who are required to work 'live' on electric/hybrid vehicles & their components.